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Yang shenti. Yang sheng. 
Nurture the body. Nurture life. 

• Hunyuan: hun-yu-en, the primordial natural state 
• Qigong: chi-gong, vital energy cultivation

Hunyuan Tai Chi is a modern version of Chen Style Tai Chi, the original martial style of Tai Chi renowned for its external beauty and internal power, and still practiced today in Chen Village, Henan Province. Hunyuan Tai Chi combines Chen Style Tai Chi with Qigong, the ancient art of healing and energy revitalization, to return Tai Chi to its original roots. Read more >

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At our school, we focus on helping each individual create a solid foundation in the traditional basics of good Hunyuan Tai Chi and Qigong practice—but we also focus on community, friendship, fun, and on meeting the particular challenges and opportunities we face in our lives today. Classes are small, and beginners are welcome at any time. 

Malcolm Dean

Gold Medalist, Men's Forms, Beijing 2007

1st International Hunyuan Taijiquan Symposium

Disciple and "indoor" student of Hunyuan Tai Chi Master Zhang Xuexin, senior disciple of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, founder of Hunyuan Tai Chi. See lineage and bio

Practicing in Golden Gate Park, 2005. 
Photo: Richard Rollins.