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The Academy offers four public programs: 

• Foundation Qigong ("chi-gung")
Qigong means "life energy cultivation." It's one of the great traditional arts of China, where many different styles are practiced daily for health and fitness, 
relief from stress, recovery from illness or injury, and longevity. Qigong is also the foundation of Tai Chi. We offer two kinds of Qigong in the Foundation program: Dynamic Qigong and Primordial Qigong. Dynamic Qigong is more rigorous (yang), and helps build the basic strength and skills of body and mind needed for Tai Chi. Primordial Qigong is gentler and more meditative (yin), and helps develop higher levels of Tai Chi gongfu. Both are also wonderful stand-alone routines for anyone working on health and harmony in mind and body. Many of our students, including seniors, find that the Qigong program satisfies all their needs.  
Degree of difficulty: 1-star (easy)
Prerequisite: None
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• Beginning Tai Chi
Learn the first introductory form of Hunyuan Tai Chi, the 24-movement Yilu. Although the "24" is a short introductory form, it takes about six months to learn the basic choreography. Many people then choose to stay with the Beginning program for several years, going into greater depth each time through the form, and gradually developing the ease and relaxation Tai Chi is famous for. Stay with the Beginning program as long as you like, or move on to the Advanced Tai Chi program whenever you're ready. 
Degree of difficulty: 2-star (moderate)
Prerequisite: Qigong highly recommended 
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• Advanced Tai Chi
For the serious student, the Advanced Tai Chi program offers the complete core Hunyuan Tai Chi curriculum, including the 24, 48, and 83 Yilu, the 24, 38, and 77 Cannonfist, the straight sword, and the saber.   
Degree of difficulty: 3-star (difficult)
Prerequisite: Beginning Tai Chi required
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• Teaching Certificate
Only for the fanatic who intends to make teaching his or her vocation. 
By arrangement with the head instructor only. 
Degree of difficulty: 4-star (don't even ask)
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• Introduction to the Alexander Technique

with Janet Lott 

A four-evening seminar

Tuesdays & Thursdays, February 3, 5, 10, & 12, 2015 

7:00-9:00 PM