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Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang
chenshi xinyi hunyuan taijiquan 
and hunyuan qigong


hunyuan tai chi and qigong are two of the great internal energy arts of china,

 developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang in the 1980s


they’re based on the most ancient martial style of tai chi — Chen style — combined with Taoist health, long life, and inner vision practices from

Feng's teacher Hu Yaozhen, the "father of modern qigong"


i was lucky 30 years ago to meet Zhang Xuexin, Feng's senior student, 

when he first moved to the United States, and to apprentice with him 

as an “indoor student” for the past 30 years


i’ve condensed the essence of his teachings into the classes we now do online


if you’re serious about learning real, traditional tai chi and qigong for 

health and self-transformation, and you have the time, motivation and vision 

to make them a part of your life and practice a little every day, 

please join us


- Malcolm Dean

academy founder and head instructor


our goals for your tai chi and qigong education
1 learn the science of tai chi and qigong — the science of power m
2 develop the art of tai chi and qigong — the art of nurturingm
3 develop your gong — your inner stuff
4 open your dantian — your navel chakra
5 harmonize your energy body with the energy body of the Earth
6 begin full four-body integration: 
physical, energetic, mental and spiritual