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Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang
We offer in-depth training in
Chenshi Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan
(Hunyuan Tai Chi)
a frame of Chen-style Tai Chi developed by
that blends
• Chen-style Tai Chi, the ancient martial style of Tai Chi,
• Hunyuan Qigong, Taoist life energy cultivation.

"The art of nurturing, the science of power..."
We teach both the arts of Tai Chi and Qigong, and the Taoist sciences of meditation and the energy body that underlie them, with an emphasis on:
                 zhong ding    centering & integration

          xinyi    mindfulness

       song    relaxation

       ting    listening

         ziran    naturalness

                                                    liu    flow

Tai Chi is a great art, the music of the body.

As with music, it takes many years of study and practice to master the craft.

If real Tai Chi training appeals to you, check out the
1) Morning Qigong class, or

Above: At the Academy's Chinese New Year Celebration.
Master and Mrs. Zhang (center front, seated) joined us for a wonderful evening.
For more photos see
Gallery I: Year of the Earth Dog.