chinese new year, 2018




1 fill out and submit the application form below

2 sign the waiver and pay the application fee

3 interview with the admissions committee

4 pay the term tuition

5 prepare for the first online class


1 fill out the application form below and hit the “submit” button

2 a staff member will then contact you to 

sign the liability waiver (electronically),

pay the $50 application fee, 

and set a time for a ZOOM interview with the admissions committee 


3 the ZOOM admissions committee interview allows us to get to know you, 

and allows you to get to know us and ask any questions you might have


4 after the interview, we’ll send you an email invoice you can pay online, 

after which you’ll receive an email acknowledgment of your enrollment


5 you’ll also receive email suggestions to prepare for the best online 

video experience, including links to good affordable cameras and displays, 

and the online class textbook


we do not do trial classes

eventually, when we get around to it, we'll do

an introductory video you can watch.

in the meantime, 

you’ll have to go on our


and reputation 

 if you're serious about a traditional in-depth tai chi and qigong education, 

pony up the application fee, 

pony up the term tuition,

and start practicing


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