Advanced Tai Chi Program

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A Solitary Temple Amid Clearing Peaks 
Attributed to Li Cheng (919–967), Five Dynasties period (907-960). 
Hanging scroll, ink and light color on silk, 111.8 x 55.9 cm. 
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri. 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 

— Lao Tsu 

For those who want to advance beyond Beginning Tai Chi, and explore the entire Hunyuan Tai Chi curriculum: 

• Competence in foundation skills; beginning, intermediate, and advanced
   forms; push-hands; history and philosophy of Tai Chi 
• Working knowledge of the internal energy ("qi") system 
• Dantian awareness, both in self and others 
• Relaxation, centering, and grounding skills 
• Push-hands listening, neutralizing, and returning ability

The Advanced Tai Chi curriculum includes: 


• Dynamic Qigong 
• Primordial (Hunyuan) Qigong 
• Zhan Zhuang Meditation

• 24 Yilu
• 83 Yilu 
• Straight Sword 
• 24 Erlu 
• 71 Erlu 
• Saber 

Tuishou ("push-hands") 
• Beginning 
• Intermediate
• Advanced

• Taoism 101: Yin, Yang & the Tao
• Applied Taoism: Putting Yin & Yang Into Practice
• Comparative Metaphysics: Izutsu's "Sufism & Taoism"
• Integral Metaphysics: Integration of Body, Mind, Energy, & Spirit  
• Transformative Metaphysics: The Leader As Martial Artist 

Private Lessons 
• Program members take a minimum of one private lesson per month

We only accept students to the Advanced Tai Chi Program who have already been enrolled at the Academy for at least one year, and have satisfactorily completed the Beginning Tai Chi program, unless they already have significant Hunyuan Tai Chi experience. Acceptance into the program is entirely at the discretion of the head instructor. 

Registration is a three-step process: 

Step 1: Orientation

All prospective students must attend a private one-on-one orientation with the head instructor prior to their first trial class to discuss their goals, review school policies, sign the liability waiver, and receive an introduction to the basics of safe and effective Tai Chi and Qigong practice. There is no charge for orientation. 

To schedule an orientation meeting, email us here

Step 2: Trial Classes 

Once you’ve completed orientation, you’re welcome to try a week of classes free before registering.


Step 3: Sign Up 

Class fees are paid monthly, and are due the first of each month. If you join in the middle of a month, your fee for that month will be prorated to reflect the date you join. Class fees: 

• Tai Chi classes, $160 per month each

• Private lessons, $100 per hour