Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang 


when i began tai chi, the internet was not yet a thing, 
and i didn't see a video of Feng until i was 6 years into practice. 
youtube is a treasure trove of old teaching tapes, private movies, 
and bits and scraps. when you watch something, particularly a teaching tape of 
a form, choose a short section of a few moves, and watch them over and over, 
at least 15 times, and sometimes at slower speeds. then you'll begin to see 
what he's actually doing. the mind needs that much repetition to
disregard the incidental, and pick out the underlying patterns
the 24 Yilu beginning form 
this is the complete form, probably from the early mid-80's. 
it has evolved slightly since. a
t our school, we also include a few movement variations that come directly from Chen Zhaokui (son of Chen Fake) through
Zhang Xuexin. this is the form we teach in beginning tai chi
another 24 Yilu beginning form 
again, a complete version of the form, probably from the early mid-80's,
beautifully done
Master Feng in Japan, where he was very popular.
an interesting tape of warm-up silk-reeling and then a 24 cannonfist.
this form is heavily influenced by Xinyi 

the 48 Yilu intermediate form
one of the best of Feng's mid-career teaching tapes, it shows the vigor and 
focused martial intention of his early work combined with the larger qigong circles and more meditative quiet that mark his later work.

a private lesson with Master Feng,
and another version of the 48 form

some martial applications, Baji Association, 1989
note the very visible silk reeling in some of these demos

the 71 paochui, or cannonfist
this is one of the two main practice forms of Chen style Hunyuan.
the other is the slower, softer 83. As far as we know, 
Feng never made a tape of the 83, although Zhang did
hunyuan "primordial" qigong exercises
from Feng's later years. zhan zhuang "standing post" meditation and hunyuan "primordial" qigong are the bedrock foundation of hunyuan tai chi practice, whether one is interested in health, self-defense, or self-transformation. Feng learned qigong and Xinyi from Hu Yaozhen, and combined those arts with the Chen Style Tai Chi of Chen Fake to create our style of tai chi, 
Chenshi Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan