The Hunyuan 24 Yilu Form

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The Hunyuan 24 Yilu Form 
Performed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, the founder of Hunyuan Tai Chi. 
Both the videos above stem from the early '90's, and represent the 
original standard form of Hunyuan Tai Chi we teach here at the Academy.   

If you are currently enrolled in the Beginning Tai Chi Program and are learning this form, scroll down to the bottom of this page to view a number of other valuable videos.

The Hunyuan 24 Yilu Beginning Form

 The Hunyuan 24 Yilu is a short introductory form of 24 movements which focuses on the first four of the thirteen energies of Tai Chi (peng, lu, ji, and an), 
and creates a foundation for all the more advanced Tai Chi forms. 

The Beginning Tai Chi Program

The Beginning Tai Chi Program is a 2-year (8 term) program that focuses

exclusively on the 24 Yilu form:

• Basic choreography, 2 terms (6 months)

• Basic corrections, 2 terms (6 months)

• Fine corrections, 2 terms (6 months)

 • Silk-reeling and flow, 2 terms (6 months)


  Before enrolling in Beginning Tai Chi, students must complete the

Foundation Studies Program.

The names of the movements in the Hunyuan 24 Yilu form.

Section I

1   Starting Posture

2   Buddha’s Warrior Pounds the Mortar

3   Leisurely Tie the Coat

4   Six Blocking and Four Closing

5   Single Whip

6   White Crane Spreads Wings


Section II

7   Walk Obliquely and Twist Step

8   Lift Hands and Raise Knee

9   Wade Forward and Twist Step

10 Cover Hand Punch

11 Shield Body Punch

12 Fold and Lean with Back


Section III

13 Green Dragon Emerges from Water

14 Double Push Hands (Old Man Strokes His Beard)

15 Change Palms Three Times

16 Reverse Arm Roll (Repulse the Monkey) 

17 Step Back, Press Elbow

18 Middle Winding


Section IV

19 Dodge through Back

20 Punch the Ground

21 Elbow to Heart

22 Snap Waist, Press Elbow

23 Double Forward Punch

24 Closing Posture

Videos are a great way to jog your memory while learning the very
complex choreography of Tai Chi. Perhaps more importantly,
they let you see the art in action, as interpreted by
advanced players from around the world.
The videos by the artists below each represents
many years of work — in fact, decades.

A beautiful rendition of the Hunyuan 24 Yilu form by Grandmaster Feng's student Hiroyasu Yamaguchi, Zen Master of Nounim Temple in Japan. 

The Hunyuan 24 Yilu form by Grandmaster Feng's student Madame Zhong Yurong. 
Note her extensive use of Qigong pre- and post-performance.

Feng Xiufang, Grandmaster Feng's eldest daughter, performs the 24 in 
split-screen front and back views, which is very helpful while learning. 
 Feng Xiufang was a professor of dance at Beijing University for many years
before devoting herself to Tai Chi.

Brian Guan, a local Bay Area practitioner, in a beautiful performance of the 24.
This version is very close to the version we do here at the school.
Brian is a top student of Master Zhang Xuexin, see lineage.
Li Jin-Jin performing a very nice 24.