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The Hunyuan 24 Yilu Form 
Performed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, the founder of Hunyuan Tai Chi.

The Hunyuan 24 Yilu Beginning Form


The Hunyuan 24 Yilu is a short form of twenty-four movements which focuses on the first four of the thirteen energies of Tai Chi (peng, lu, ji, and an), and creates a foundation for all the more advanced Tai Chi forms.

The names of the movements in the Hunyuan 24 Yilu form.

(Downloadable PDF below.)

Section I

1   Starting Posture

2   Buddha’s Warrior Pounds the Mortar

3   Leisurely Tie the Coat

4   Six Blocking and Four Closing

5   Single Whip

6   White Crane Spreads Wings


Section II

7   Walk Obliquely and Twist Step

8   Lift Hands and Raise Knee

9   Wade Forward and Twist Step

10 Cover Hand Punch

11 Shield Body Punch

12 Fold and Lean with Back


Section III

13 Green Dragon Emerges from Water

14 Double Push Hands (Old Man Strokes His Beard)

15 Change Palms Three Times

16 Reverse Arm Roll (Repulse the Monkey) 

17 Step Back, Press Elbow

18 Middle Winding


Section IV

19 Dodge through Back

20 Punch the Ground

21 Elbow to Heart

22 Snap Waist, Press Elbow

23 Double Forward Punch

24 Closing Posture 

Some videos from around the world of various Hunyuan Tai Chi players performing the 24 Yilu form. Each represents many years of work. Some beautiful guqin music for your practice in the last video.

A beautiful rendition of the Hunyuan 24 Yilu form by Hiroyasu Yamaguchi,
Zen Master of Nounim Temple in Japan. 

Feng Xiufang, Grandmaster Feng's eldest daughter, performs the 24 in split screen, which is very helpful while learning.

Brian Guan, performing a 24 closest to what we do. 

Li Jin-Jin performing a 24.

Music for your form practice:
"Flowing Waters" by Chinese guqin master Guan Pinghu.