Hunyuan Tai Chi is the life's work of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, 
one of China's most famous modern tai chi masters 

as a young man, Feng had two extraordinary teachers who would become 
major influences on the later development of Hunyuan Tai Chi, 
 Grandmaster Chen Fake and Grandmaster Hu Yaozhen

from Grandmaster Chen, he took Chen-style Tai Chi, 
the original martial style of tai chi famous both for itexternal beauty 
and its internal power 

from Grandmaster Hu, he took elements of Xinyi 
and especially the art and science of Hunyuan Qigong,
the set of ancient Taoist practices used to build health and vitality,
a calm mind, and internal power for self-defense 

by combining these two traditions, 
Grandmaster Feng created a new frame of Chen Style Tai Chi 
rooted in the martial, but marked by an emphasis on the cultivation 
of internal energy for physical, mental, and spiritual health, 
and expressed in large, flowing movements based on circles and spirals

Hunyuan Tai Chi is now practiced worldwide. It was first introduced 
to the United States by Grandmaster Feng's senior student, 
Master Zhang Xuexin, when he emigrated to San Francisco in 1990 
and founded the Feng Zhiqiang Taiji Academy USA

In 2016, Master Zhang retired from public teaching, and in 2018, 
he and his wife returned to china. 
 His legacy is carried on by many former students who now
have their own classes, including this Academy, 
which was founded in San Francisco in 2011, 
and has progressed to its new online home in 2020. 




Chen Fake remained undefeated after taking open challenges for 17 days after moving from Chen village to Beijing in 1928. he became famous in the martial arts communities throughout China, where people referred to him as "taiji yi ren" (tai chi first master) 

Grandmaster Chen's public teaching in the capital changed the once secret tradition of Chen Stye Tai Chi, making it available to the outside world for the first time. He co-founded the Capital Martial Arts Research Association with his friend, Hu Yaozhen  

Hu Yaozhen was a famous grandmaster of both qigong and Xinyi Liuhe, and was given the nickname "Single Finger Shakes the World" for his ability to defeat opponents with a single finger 

a traditional Chinese medical doctor, he developed modern forms of neigong (internal development) and today he is known in China as the "Father of Modern Qigong". he co-founded the Capital Martial Arts Research Association with his friend, Chen Fake  


When Grandmaster Feng passed in 2012, one of his indoor students wrote:
"Grandmaster Feng was a giant in many ways. He had a tremendous hunger to learn, and a giant intellect to feed that hunger. As with many men of great intellect, he possessed a giant sense of humor. He was a giant of hard work and innovation. Most importantly, he possessed a giant sense of kindness and generosity ..."

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1928 - 

Master Zhang Xuexin is the senior indoor student of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, and has been one of the top Chen Style Tai Chi experts in the United States for the past 30 years 

After teaching for 10 years in China, he emigrated from Beijing to San Francisco in 1990, and founded the Feng Zhiqiang Taiji Academy USA, which has trained a generation of American students and new teachers. now in his mid-90s, he no longer teaches publicly, and has returned to live in China  

1951 - 

Malcolm Dean began working with Master Zhang Xuexin in 1992, and formally apprenticed in 1998. He won a Gold Medal in Men's Forms in Beijing in 2007, and opened the San Francisco Hunyuan Tai Chi Academy in 2011. 

In 2019, the covid pandemic caused the closing of the brick-and-mortar Academy, 
and prompted its re-christening as the American Hunyuan Tai Chi Academy. The old classes have been revised for video, and are now available live online