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JoJo Hua performing the 24 Chen style form

Chen style tai chi is the original martial style developed by the Chen family
of Chen village, Henan province 

Chen style is the root stock from which Hunyuan tai chi was developed

The 48 Yilu Intermediate Form
My favorite of Feng's mid-career tapes, it shows the vigor and focused martial intention of his early work combined with the larger qigong circles and more meditative quiet that mark his later work. 

Primordial Qigong Exercises
[Start at 1:56] 
Meditation and Qigong are the bedrock foundation of Tai Chi practice, whether one is interested in health, self-defense, or personal transformation. Grandmaster Feng learned Qigong from the famous Qigong and Xinyi Grandmaster Hu Yaozhen, and combined those arts with the Chen Style Taiji of Grandmaster Chen Fake to create Chenshi Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan. For Hunyuan Qigong class times, see schedule

Dynamic Qigong Exercises
An essential foundation to serious Tai Chi practice, Dynamic Qigong is also an excellent stand-alone practice for building health and vitality, opening and relaxing the joints, developing core body strength and flexibility, and increasing internal energy flow. For Dynamic Qigong
 class times, see schedule.

   The 83 Yilu Advanced Form
(first 5 movements)
Master Zhang Xuexin is Grandmaster Feng's senior disciple. Master Zhang's movements are extremely clear and refined. For Advanced Tai Chi class times, see schedule(Videography by E. Lee)  

The Hunyuan 48 Sword Form
Feng Xuifang is the eldest daughter of Grandmaster Feng. A beautiful performance. Before retiring to devote herself to Hunyuan Tai Chi, Feng Xuifang was a Professor of Traditional Dance at Beijing University. Her performance here exemplifies not only the grace and power of Tai Chi Sword, but the unique signature of the individual artist.  

   The 38 Saber Form
 Chen Xiang is one of Grandmaster Feng's senior disciples. His form shows influence from his long study of Mongolian wrestling and Bajiquan, just as Grandmaster Feng's form shows influences from Xinyiquan and Tongbei. It's this cross-fertilization, plus the unique vision of the individual artist-practitioner, that keeps Tai Chi a living art. 

   Scientific Analysis of Fajin
Fajin is the sudden explosive release of stored energy used in self-defense. A study conducted by students at Stanford.