Private Lessons

Lu Dongbin, leader of the Eight Immortals
The Taoist Immortals were human individuals who had achieved unity with the Tao through the cultivation of virtue and enlightened understanding. Despite their immortal status, however, they were still very human:  Lu Dongbin, for instance, was a famous swordsman, scholar, and master of internal alchemy with a genuine desire to help people attain the Tao, but he was also a master of the Taoist sexual arts, a lover of good wine, and a warrior with a fiery temper.

Private lessons allow one-on-one coaching that is impossible in an open class setting. They are available to Academy students, and to anyone 
who cannot attend open classes.

• $120/hour

• $180/hour couples

• Academy students, $100/hour

• Hours are 50 minutes

• All lessons are given here at the studio, see map. We do not do home visits. 

• Sorry, we do not do corporate on-site classes or workshops for visiting tourist groups or conventions.

To schedule a private lesson, email us using the form below.