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The 50+ Beginning Tai Chi Program at Bakar Fitness Center

Though by no means restricted to 50+ practitioners, the Beginning Tai Chi Program at Bakar Fitness Center, UC Mission Bay campus, is ideal for the older athlete looking for a highly rewarding (and highly challenging) new fitness regime.


During the course of this ongoing class, we will be learning the Hunyuan 24 Yilu Beginning Form, a short form of twenty-four movements which focuses on the first four of the thirteen energies of Tai Chi (peng, lu, ji, and an), and creates a foundation for all the more advanced Tai Chi forms.

This is not your grandpa's idea of Tai Chi: this is Chen-style, the very old and very rare martial style of Tai Chi. It is sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce, but always beautiful, wild, expressive, and very, very challenging. It is also very, very rewarding: great for body, mind and spirit.

This is an ongoing class. Join at any time.

The Beginning Tai Chi class meets in one of the beautiful dance studios at Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center on the UCSF Mission Bay Campus.

To join the Tai Chi class at Bakar Fitness Center
(and to enjoy all the other opportunities at this beautiful facility),
check out their membership page here.

(And just a personal note from the Academy website editor: 
I've been a member at Bakar for many years, and it's a great community as well as a great facility. I've always gotten the "Premier Membership", because it gives me access to unlimited Group Fitness classes, free towel service, and free parking (up to three hours per visit). It's well worth the few extra dollars. Also, they have very reasonable senior (60+) and family membership rates.)

Madame Gao Fu, age 81 

Gao Fu began learning Tai Chi at age 55, and became a personal student of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, the founder of Hunyuan Tai Chi. 

Her magnificent form exemplifies the Tai Chi maxim: 

"Stand like a mountain, move like a river."